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If you have been unable to collect payments from your clients/patients, we will work to collect consumer and commercial debt for small businesses and medical/dental practices.

How it works:

When a patient is over 90 days past due on a balance, your billing office will send our office an invoice for the patient. We will send out at least 2 collection letters. The first an initial collections letter informing the patient that they are past due and their account has been sent to our office for collection. The second is a final demand giving them 14 days to pay or make payment arrangements before we report it to the credit bureau or file suit. The patient pays their debt to our office directly and the funds are placed in a client holding account. Each month a statement is sent to you, the “client”, detailing which patients remitted payment, whether said payment was an installment or payment in full, and the amount we retained for our services. Each month a payment is sent from our office to client for debt collected, minus our fees. Every quarter our office sends a detailed status report to client. If for any reason the patient pays your office directly, at the end of the month you would send our office a statement detailing the remitted payments and enclose a check for our fees.

In the event that a patient fails to pay the debt or otherwise respond to our office, suits may be filed at the client’s discretion. We recommend filing suit on debts over $250, although we will try to obtain collectability rating so that suits are not filed against insolvent debtors. If you believe our services may be suited to your business please contact me to schedule a meeting.

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