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The Law Office of Kenneth J. Amoriggi has launched an Automatic Car Accident Detection App!! The “Amoriggi Law” app is free to all and is available for download on all smartphones.

The Amoriggi Law app senses, in REAL TIME, when you’ve been involved in an automobile accident by using the internal sensors of your smartphone. When the app senses a collision, it will determine your location and provide you with important information that you need, such as the location and contact information of local emergency services.

But the invaluable information and incredible features contained in the app are not just to assist you at the time of the accident; they were also created and organized in a way that will allow the app to be your “go to” resource from the moment of your accident, until the day that we settle your claim! These features include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Tips and pointers on what to do immediately after an accident
  • Information about the motor vehicle claims process and answers to many frequently asked questions
  • The ability to catalogue and track symptoms, tasks, expenses, appointments, important contact information, and much more
  • The ability to contact The Law Office of Kenneth J Amoriggi 24/7.
  • And most importantly….

Once a crash is detected, our App automatically sends a text and email message with your current location to your pre-selected emergency contacts, which allows your emergency contacts to send help as quickly as possible!

The new Amoriggi Law app is now available for all iPhone and Android devices…


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