Providence Employment Law Attorney

From a legal standpoint, workplace disputes are centered on issues of fairness and the protection of an employee’s rights. Consult with The Law Office of Kenneth J Amoriggi attorney in Providence to evaluate the specifics of your situation and determine every legal option available. Committed to protecting workers rights and the interests of small to medium sized businesses in Providence, The Law Office of Kenneth J Amoriggi provides effective negotiation skills and practical legal resolutions for a range of employment disputes including:

Sexual Harassment Claims - The Law Office of Kenneth J Amoriggi represents individuals who are victims of sexual harassment in the workplace or any other form of harassment within a place of employment that can be classified as a hostile work environment. Unacceptable workplace behavior includes offensive touching, inappropriate emails and other gender biased behaviors and “quid pro quo” infractions where a manager or other superior uses their power over an employee as a means of obtaining sexual favors. Do not allow the violation of your right to a work environment that is free from harassment of any kind. Contact the law office of The Law Office of Kenneth J Amoriggi as soon as possible to discuss and understand your legal options.

Wrongful Termination – Although certain states require a worker to have an employment agreement to prevent a dismissal without just cause, a Providence employer cannot dismiss an employee for any illegal reason, as in the case of pregnancy, for example, even when no official employee contract exists. Termination is illegal when based on age, race, gender or disability, or because you have filed a claim or required to take a medical leave. Firings based on sexual orientation however are subject to certain jurisdictions according to recent laws. Compensation for a wrongful termination may include lost benefits, retroactive wages, and loss of potential future pay and in some case reinstatement of your job. The Law Office of Kenneth J Amoriggi attorney will review the specifics of your case and inform you as to whether filing a lawsuit for wrongful dismissal is viable in your particular case.

Employment Contracts – Employment contracts are written by the employer to protect their best interests. As an employee, you have the right to protect your own. Before signing an employment agreement, consult with an experienced Providence attorney to ensure your rights are protected. Whether you are presently involved in negotiating an employee agreement, or require legal counsel for employment litigation, contact The Law Office of Kenneth J Amoriggi employment contract issues relate to any type of non-compete agreements or dispute, non-disclosure agreements and the negotiation and/ or litigation of severance agreements.

Discrimination Claims - The Law Office of Kenneth J Amoriggi works diligently to collect the significant amount of evidence required to win cases of discrimination in the workplace whose favorable outcome is largely dependent on early intervention. If you have been the victim of employment discrimination due to gender, race and a range of other factors, or have been threatened with disciplinary actions or those that include firing or failure to hire based on discriminatory criteria, contact the law office of a Providence lawyer immediately for experienced legal guidance for collecting both direct and indirect evidence to help you win your case.

For legal assistance and representation to enforce workers compensation rights, unpaid overtime, FMLA violations, whistle-blower and retaliation in the workplace, contact the law office of The Law Office of Kenneth J Amoriggi for qualified and personalized legal assistance.