North Providence Employment Law Attorney

Highly experienced with upholding employees’ rights in North Providence, The Law Office of Kenneth J Amoriggi applies a skilled and knowledgeable application of employment law to effectively represent workers, labor organizations, professionals, executives and small businesses for cases that involve any aspect of employment litigation.

Time is crucial to effectively filing and bringing an employment law case to trial or favorable settlement. Contact the North Providence law office of The Law Office of Kenneth J Amoriggi for legal services that include:

Employment Agreements

Review any employment agreement before signing it with the legal guidance and expertise of a qualified North Providence attorney. The Law Office of Kenneth J Amoriggi drafts and reviews pre-employment agreements, executive compensation agreements, trade secret agreements and any independent contractor agreement that protect and clarify intentions, rights and responsibilities and helps to avoid costly ligation later on.

Non-Compete Claims

A contract designed to restrict an employee’s actions when they no longer work for an employer are designed to protect the intellectual property and trade secrets of a business in the event that a former employee leaves and begins work for a competitor later on. Legal complications may arise when non-compete agreements potentially infringe upon the basic rights of a worker and should be written or carefully reviewed by an experienced North Providence attorney to protect the rights of both employer and employee. The Law Office of Kenneth J Amoriggi drafts accurate non-compete agreements for employers in addition to negotiating terms for employees. Consult with The Law Office of Kenneth J Amoriggi for clarification and an accurate legal review of each aspect of an employee contract including employers seeking to hire those that are bound by a non-compete from a previous employer.

Severance Claims

Contacting a lawyer after you’ve signed an agreement is pointless and will significantly diminish or eliminate your right to file a legal case. If you have been terminated or are leaving your job in North Providence, contact The Law Office of Kenneth J Amoriggi before accepting any offers and to negotiate the best severance package possible.

Disability Discrimination

Despite the clarity of the law, many North Providence employers and employees alike require legal counsel to protect the rights of persons with disabilities in the workplace. Employers are required to accommodate disable employees and must adhere to ADA and North Providence laws for hiring, working conditions and termination of employment. Contact The Law Office of Kenneth J Amoriggi to handle disabled workers compensation claims including workers compensation and discrimination due to disability or sexual harassment on the job.

Union Representation

The Law Office of Kenneth J Amoriggi has represented local and national labor unions in North Providence as well as across the region to legally assist with the bargaining process, the negotiation of contracts, union grievances, arbitration proceedings and legal guidance regarding unfair labor practices. Unions may contact The Law Office of Kenneth J Amoriggi for a wide range of services including the resolution of internal tribunal matters and governance issues.

Qualified Employment Attorney for Employees and Businesses

For knowledgeable legal advice and information on a full range of employment legal services available to both workers and employers in North Providence, contact the law office of The Law Office of Kenneth J Amoriggi for more information regarding:

  • Whistleblower claims
  • Health care fraud
  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Retaliation
  • Wage, hour and overtime claims
  • Workmen’s Compensation

Call today to schedule a consultation for any legal matter you may be facing.